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Jenny Pike Coaching

Get Strong. Feel Empowered.

Hi, I'm Coach Jenny

My mission is to make strength training accessible to women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Nothing lights me up more than seeing a woman try something for the first  time in the gym and seeing the spark they get when they accomplish something they thought they couldn’t.. 


I have always been active and loved playing sports but I didn’t start really lifting weights until I was 36 years old.  Since then, I have fallen in love with being physically  strong and how that spills over to all other areas of my life and want to share this with as many others as possible. 

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I believe in a sane and sensible approach and finding what will work best for each individual. 



I am certified as a Personal Trainer, Pain Free Performance Coach, BioForce Conditioning Coach, Level 1 & 2 Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach, Barbell Rehab Coach, and a Precision Nutrition Coach.  I will find what works for you where you are at and watch you reach new heights from there.

"Jenny listens to what I want, pays attention to my form so I get the best workout and prevent injury. She has a happy disposition and makes the workout fun. By seeing her own results, you can have confidence she can teach you to achieve the same."                                                                                  -Linda 


"I love working with Jenny as I feel very secure in knowing that she will push me hard while always keeping in mind any injuries or problem areas I have. She is enormously knowledgeable, so warm and personable (and hilarious), and she makes working out so much fun - even when it's hard. Can't recommend her more highly."                 -Edie

Questions? Reach out!

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